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WeLcOmE To The CooL KuwaiTi VeTTe SiTe !! ~~


As you will see this site is made to show My cars and my personal love for Corvette's !!

I hope you enjoy the pictures, info, and other stuff I put in this site for your eyes to see..

Well,, I guess its time for the info hehe..
My name is Abbas M. I live in Kuwait.. I bought my Vette in April 2001, its a 1993 corvette LT-1 Full option. except for FX-3.
I've loved cars since the age of 4..or less as my parents say.. I have a diploma in car mechanics.. I've owned 2 Vettes over the last few years.. and believe me once you get your first you'll never stop buying.. unless $$ runs out :P

The Vette shows have pics, pics, and more pics, so be patient.. and enjoy the show ;)

also I made a page for my beautiful country Kuwait. some cool links to other sites. and anything else I found fun and amusing to see. ;)

I hope you enjoy this site and please sign my guestbook.. feedback is most welcome, Negative and positive... Thnx for your time in here..


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